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Debit and Credit Card: What’s the difference?

If you have both debit and credit card, it is best to know their differences to manage your transactions and financial future better. Debit Card Debit and credit card works in a totally different way. Every time you purchase something using a debit card, it takes the...

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Why You Should Accept Mobile Payments

On our blog, we’ve talked a lot about emerging technologies, their pros and cons, how to ease into them, and also how to future proof your business to accept these technologies. Recently Bank of America published their annual Trends in Consumer Mobility Report. In it,...

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Quick Chip for EMV – What’s coming

As a way to combat the longer transaction time associate with EMV (chip) transactions, Visa has been leading the charge to release a new technology called Quick Chip. While a standard chip transaction is done entirely on the chip, with quick chip, an authorization is...

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Remove the Stress from Chip Cards

Chip cards seem to be a common point of frustration for businesses and cardholders. From the longer transaction time which lead to staring awkwardly at the customer, to the frustration of pulling the card out too soon, it's no wonder that...

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Is your flat rate really flat?

In our experience we’ve come across several companies and organizations that advertise a low, flat rate billing structure, making it an easy sell for these organizations to seem to beat the competition’s pricing. The difficulty is that what you...

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How Credit Card Information is Stolen

As a merchant you have a responsibility to protect your customers sensitive data, yet every year we hear about massive data breaches and most people with a credit or debit card have received a replacement card due to a breach. While these types...

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No One Likes Friendly Fraud

While most of the time, customers are one of your greatest assets -- they spend money, buy goods and help keep everything running-- sometimes an unassuming customer can create a lot of headache through friendly fraud. Friendly fraud occurs when the cardholder disputes...

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The Durbin Amendment and You

In one of President Trump’s Executive Orders, he ordered a review of the Dodd-Frank Act. This brought it back into the spotlight and put it at the forefront of many people’s minds. The Dodd-Frank Act was legislation passed by Congress in the wake of 2008 Financial...

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Fraudsters Move Online

The migration to EMV has been difficult for many businesses and consumers. On the business side it has ranged from purchasing new equipment, and training employees and customers. On the consumer side, you may have received a new card, had to update all your payment...

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