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What is a high-risk merchant?

No matter what industry you are in, as a business owner you are bound to face your share of risks. If you are a merchant or entrepreneur, you should be aware that there are some factors outside of...

Is ACH better than accepting credit cards?

ACH transfers, on the other hand, is also a safe and common method for receiving payments. However, unlike credit card payments, ACH payments must be accompanied by bank account, as well as the proper routing information so that the transfer of funds can be initiated.

5 Ways to know if your Business is considered High Risk

As more and more customers continue to patronize your product or services, there will come a time when you will need to provide more flexible and reliable payment options for them. One of the unavoidable payment options you will have to provide for your customers is the ability to make payment using credit or debit cards. The advent of the internet and rapid development in technology is changing the traditional way of doing business. More than ever, people are seeking better, flexible and simple ways to buy and pay for goods and services. .

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