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Giving Back

by | Mar 14, 2019 | Blog, Community

The concept of giving back is one that is often misunderstood. It is common to think that giving back requires having to devote large amounts of effort, time, goods and money. While there are many people who choose to give back in this way, it is more commonly through the collective small efforts of everyone that great things come to pass.
At Agapay, we made a decision that we wanted to be actively doing good in our community, and to encourage other businesses to do the same. By participating, even in small ways, we’ve been able to give financial support to organizations that tackle relevant issues. We’ve partnered with other organizations that make a difference through mentoring, housing, supporting impoverished communities, and resettlement of refugees.
This month our staff volunteered and supported the Irvine Korean Cultural Festival, a public festival that promotes peace through cultural understanding. The experience was amazing and rewarding for everyone who participated.
By having a continued investment in doing good, we keep our passion alive, our workplace is happier, people can recognize the good that we do, and that has translated into our employees wanting to do better for our customers and our community. We’re proud of our brand and what we do.
Our goal this week is to encourage those within our network to reach out and do something that helps their community. Even if it’s small, do something kind, make a donation to a worthy cause, reach out to a friend who might be struggling. It is the small collective efforts of everyone that make the biggest difference.
Best Regards,
The Agapay Team