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Give Back

“Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in your power to act.”

Our Mission

Our Mission

Since its establishment in 2012, Agapay has always stood by its mission of spreading the culture of giving back to communities in need. We have partly fulfilled this mission by establishing relationships between local businesses and nonprofit organizations so, together, they can support those who lack immediate access to these four immediate human needs: food and water, shelter, education, and quality health care. We have achieved this by donating 5% of every business transaction to any nonprofit organization of Agapay’s or the company’s choice.

We also helped spread the culture of giving by becoming agents of change ourselves, and that is through the volunteer work that we do every month. By continuing to lead by example, we hope to continue sustaining the spirit of volunteerism among companies and individuals through community-based efforts, sponsorship of projects, and participation in other volunteering events and activities.

Our Stories

Our story started by responding to some of the overwhelming needs of communities around where our staff are located—from Orange County, USA to various islands in the Philippines. We’ve helped feed and clothe the homeless in Orange County by exerting long hours of voluntary work in several nonprofit groups. We inspired many Filipino children to dream for a better future by donating materials that improve their quality of learning. Our newest project, our most ambitious one yet, is focused on rebuilding a classroom for daycare children so they will be more inspired to continue going to school.

We have also expanded our reach by inspiring others to also take a more active front in helping nonprofit organizations. Starting August this year, we launched our Give Back Monday program, a weekly poll that encourages individuals to vote for nonprofit organizations that will be supported by Agapay. Through the collective help of these individuals, we have now provided weekly donations to more than 10 organizations on Orange County.

Our story continues as we still seek more innovative ways to get more individuals to volunteer. By tirelessly spreading our message of love and giving to more people, we help send out the message that every act of kindness that we do, whether big or small, will always make a difference to those who receive it.

Be a part of our mission of spreading love and giving back to communities! You may donate to our nonprofits or be a volunteer!

Our Stories



Be a volunteer

Every month, at least 4 outreach programs are being held in support of non-profit organizations each with different and specific causes. These non-profit organizations will need all the help they can get no matter how big or small their capacity is. We can start with simple acts of spreading awareness, extending labor, providing donations, or participating in fundraisers and programs.

Whatever the form, it will be geared towards one main corresponding goal: Giving back because we can.

Join us in our mission of giving back and helping communities secure the 4 Immediate Needs of all beings— whether fellow persons or our earthly creature housemates. Let’s help improve their lives. They’re everywhere in the world hoping for someone like you and me to help them hold on, and that’s exactly what we’re going to do.