Merchant Service Providers: Familiarize Yourself With the Type of Business Entity

March 06, 2019
merchant service providers

A merchant service is best described as an authorized financial services or a  payment processing company that allows a business to accept electronic payments.

Merchant Services Solutions

Debit/Credit cards

All merchant services company provides services such as credit and debit card processing, which helps a lot of businesses when it comes to making payments much easier.  This service enables a business to accept payments via debit or credit cards, with the use of a countertop machine known as a credit card terminal.

E-check and AC

Many merchant services providers are now offering check acceptance solutions. Considering this type of service is a great way to help customers pay you by giving them additional payment methods.

Online Payments

Online payments nowadays are very popular since many businesses already use it. With that, many merchant service providers are also offering simple options to accept card payments via online like shopping carts, gateways, and easy integrations.


POS systems do more aside from accepting payments. POS system can help manage a business such as tracking and managing inventory, make custom product menus, email customers and personalize the customer experience.


EMV-enabled payments can significantly help reduce risk and improve security for the business and customers. Using EMV technology and devices protects a business from possible fraud and liability, and at the same time, securing every customer’s data.

Additional Services

Gift Cards & Rewards Program

Giving out gift cards and rewards can make customers keep coming back. This is a way to improve average ticket sales, increase retail traffic and some margins to boost the productivity and cost of each transaction.


Surcharging can also help a business in a small way by charging a small service fee to their customers who pay via credit or debit cards. However, for customers who pay using other options, like cash or gift cards will not pay any service fee.

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