Mobile Coupons on the Rise

March 27, 2019
Mobile Coupons

With the rise of mobile technology, mobile coupons are gaining a lot of popularity among merchants and consumers. In this article Mobile Coupon Tidal Wave by The Green Sheet, they speak of the rise of mobile coupons and the impact it has had on the industry.
As mobile payment technology continues to gain traction, mobile coupons will allow merchants to tailor specials toward a more targeted audience. Through targeting, businesses can attract more qualified customers who are ready to buy.
In the article they quote a report by Koupon, a mobile coupon provider, with the following statistics:

  • 60 percent of customers said they would adopt mobile payments if offered coupons.
  • 42 percent of mobile phone users have used mobile coupons.
  • 39 percent of customers spend more when they receive personalized coupons.

Mobile technology is changing the face of the retail industry. If you would like to learn more about accepting mobile payments, contact us at 800-644-3909 or
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