National Business Women’s Week Spotlight: Minako Han

October 25, 2019
Minako Han

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This week, we celebrate National Business Women’s Week and recognize our local women who all played significant roles in boosting the business scene in their community. You already met some of our featured women leaders who defied all odds to grow and sustain their organization!  To close our campaign feature, we are proud to spotlight Minako Han, musician extraordinaire and founder of Cadenza Music Academy, whose stellar portfolio of providing professional piano and voice lessons has helped many individuals rediscover their passion for music! National Business Women's Week Spotlight: Minako Han 1 “I grew up surrounded by musicians like my mother, a piano teacher, who helped me gain my musical talent at an early age. By age five, I already performed numerous concerts and master classes, and by fifteen I was accepted with a full scholarship to study at Tokiwagi High School as a piano performance major where I graduated with honors. From then on, I never stopped pursuing my passion for music: I got my Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Piano Performance, became an orchestra pianist who performed with the American Wind Symphony Orchestra, and finally opened my own music academy in Orange County by 2015. I always believe that music is the universal language. I’ve always wanted to provide music education to be accessible to all ages, any skill level, any race, and any social status. Through the Cadenza Music Academy, I was able to help children as well as young adults understand and appreciate music as a fine art.  This enables them to expand their minds and increase their horizons of the world and the music community. I believe women play a vital role in the business community. When it comes to working with children and young adults, women have this innate ability to create closer familial bonds that assist in increasing the performance and intake of knowledge in the classroom setting. I also believe that it is very important for women to be strong and independent.  The way I live and perform has always been guided by these two rules:Perfect practice makes perfect’ and ‘Don’t be lazy!’ As an Asian woman in the U.S. and, now, as a new mom, these two rules immensely helped me in performing my role (and prospect) in the community and in the music education environment.


Read the rest of our #NBWW2019 features here:

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