Payment gateways connect merchants to banks or front-end payment processors that provide connections to card associations (Visa, MasterCard, etc.). They are called gateways because they take many inputs from a variety of different applications and route those inputs to the appropriate bank or processor. Gateways communicate with the bank or processor using dial-up and Internet-based connections or privately-leased line connectivity.


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Why you need it

  • It authorizes credit cards and other payment types for e-commerce or in-store transactions
  • If you want to accept and process different payments, either online or offline, you will need a payment gateway







What you will get

  • PCI-compliant online payment gateway with high-level security
  • Safe and secure customers’ sensitive cardholder data with our encryption and advanced security systems
  • An opportunity to also give back to a nonprofit organization of your choice


How to Start

  • Simply sign up with our simple contact form. 
  • Be sure to have your business registration and banking information at hand to be securely processed.
  • One of our dedicated sales team members will respond to you immediately and have you up and running before the end of a business day.

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  • We offer easy, fast, and painless process that will have you all set up and ready to go in minutes
  • We accept almost any kind of payment from your customers
  • Our platform easily integrates with most e-commerce shopping carts and platforms such as WordPress, DrupalCommerce, and WooCommerce, among others


  • Easy-click, one-link invoicing that quickly receive payments the following business day
  • Our Terminal Management System (TMS) remotely manages your estate of payment devices including any necessary firmware updates required for security and continued EMV compliance
  • One-entry data processing so repeat customers securely reuse their data repeatedly through a secure token process


  • Increase conversions and sales for an easy and safe experience for your customers
  • Secure, point-to-point data encryption (P2PE) that protects sensitive cardholder data as well as EMV and tokens


  • We can reduce the total cost of accepting payments
  • Utilizes remote key injection, a more secure, faster, and more cost-efficient method of processing payments 
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