With competitive rates and our own brand of service, own a tailor-fit program with reduced costs and greater profitability.


Establish your business presence with our top-notch e-commerce platforms. Everything is integrated and customizable to give you the best value out of your investments, with the best results.


In Agapay, we pay attention to you. Our team is always ready to address your needs and give you the exceptional service you deserve for the best price anytime, anywhere.


We provide premium credit card processing solutions that give businesses everything they need in just one platform. In pricing, structure, and service, we continue to put our foot forward in giving our clients the best value out of their investment.


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In the retail industry, how you generate revenue greatly impacts your overall profitability and growth. Whether you dabble with traditional or online retail platforms,
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With so many online businesses competing for the same markets you aim for, you need the best electronic processing system on hand to keep you ahead of the curve… Learn More

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Point of Sale

There are many options for point-of-sale systems in the market, but not all could seamlessly adjust to your specific needs. Make your business processes breathe easier with our… Learn More

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Wherever in the world they may be, prospect buyers can easily access your goods and services in just a click through reliable mobile means. Agapay continues to provide … Learn More

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To keep you a preferred merchant of choice by customers, you need to ensure your electronic checking processes could keep up with the fast pace of the digital business… Learn More


Agapay provides premium business solutions to credit card processing services at competitive rates, giving businesses everything they need in just one platform. We help and provide growing businesses  on credit card processing, processing of e-checks, integration of e-commerce software, point-of-sale systems, and other electronic processing solutions for continuity of revenue and payment flows. Our personalized service allows us to pay attention to you and your needs and give you the exceptional service you deserve for the best price. Since the beginning of Agapay, we stand firm when it comes to our commitment that payment processing should be ethical and give back to the community. For every transaction, we give by taking 5% of the gross profits from the payment processing and donating it to various charities, either selected by you or us.


Agapay’s low-cost and user-friendly credit card processing solutions allow you to enjoy a hassle-free business experience 24/7. With us, saving card information and setting up monthly recurring payments is just a breeze as we offer a wide array of integrated and innovative payment processing systems that meet your business needs with the best results.

Continue to receive dynamic and customized services through online access, pay links, and chip readers that help expand your markets and energize your business processes. With online security, we got you covered with our services meeting our Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards. Speak with one of us and see how to get the best value out of your investment with our packages.

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The kind of point-of-sale system you choose to complement your business is extremely essential to its overall efficiency and revenue growth.  Choose one that seamlessly adjusts to your specific needs and makes your business processes breathe easier.

Agapay’s POS platforms help track inventories, create faster purchase orders, generate real-time financial results, and easily expandable to adjust to your business growth. Our system integrations help ensure you can do all possible POS transactions in just one platform  to achieve optimum productivity and convenience.

What is Fraud and What Are Fraudulent Chargebacks?

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Choosing the Best Cashback Credit Card For You

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National Business Women’s Week Spotlight: Minako Han

Read the rest of our #NBWW2019 features here: Michelle Wulfestieg, Executive Director of Southern California Hospice Foundation Jessica Welch, Vice President of Operations for Greater Irvine Chamber of Commerce This week, we celebrate National Business Women’s Week...

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National Business Women’s Week Spotlight: Michelle Wulfestieg

Read the rest of our #NBWW2019 features here: Jessica Welch, Vice President of Operations, Greater Irvine Chamber of Commerce Minako Han, Founder of Cadenza Music Academy This week, we celebrate National Business Women’s Week and recognize our local women who all...

The Dangers of Billback Pricing

Billback is a payment processing plan that allows your provider to offer you a flat rate like 1.79%. That means your monthly payment will include a transaction fee of 1.79% on every single transaction you made, regardless of the type of interchange category the transaction amount to.

How Non-profit Entities and Payment Processing Work together

Agapay offers what non-profits need – excellent pricing with a mindset aligned with the vision of giving back. Contact us today and explore how we can work together.

You are called a “High-Risk Business”. Now what?

What are the challenges behind a high-risk business? When your business falls into the category of a high-risk industry, first know it is not because of you. It is the industry and usually due to factors far beyond your control. One of the largest obstacles may come in the way of payment processing since processors are a bit reluctant to offer their service. As a high-risk business, you will most likely have numerous issues to deal with such as excessive chargeback disputes, duplicate charges, lawsuits, and fraudulent transactions. However, these are not a dead end for you since there are still reputable and stable processors ready to provide you the service that you need. Our reputation at Agapay with a variety of clientele makes us the right pick for you.


“Dan Han is a people person with a get the job done mentality, I recommend him highly.”

James Rosenquist, Humana

“When we used Dan’s services he provided all the info before hand, set up our account efficiently and then was readily available when we needed any assistance.”

Ria LepageExectutive Consultant, Rodan and Fields

“Dan is highly knowledgeable about a variety of merchant processing services and tailors a solution that fits the business need. The customer service and support from the Agapay team are excellent.“

Brian Montes, Strategy & Business Development, KEB Business Consultants

“Dan, and his associates have been a tremendous help to our organization. The biggest issue was to receive help with our collectibles. we are now 100 % current with outstanding payments and Tim has been excellent to work with.”

Douglas Howard, Wealth Coach, IAR, Wealth Teams Solutions

“Dan Han is an entrepreneur extraordinaire! He will work for your company’s success while paying it forward. He is an ethical, dynamic, hard worker. ”

Patty Ponce, Executive Director, Plant a Seed Institute

“Reliable, consistent, easy to work with. Delivers what they say they will deliver.”

Javier Martinez, Mobile Binaries

“Very professional and dedicated to his work. Agapay is a company that does Credit Card Transactions with perhaps one of the best customer service I have seen.”

Andrew Lee, Owner, Publifiedlabs

“Dan and his group of professionals are the best at merchant services. His is a trusted business partner for my Business. Call Dan today and find out how your merchant services can improve both your bottom line and help a charity near you. ”

Douglas Kantner, President and Founder , Courtesy Patrol Specialists

“The processing center with a heart — and a program that can’t be beat. ”

Bill Cunningham , CEOP | USCG- Vet | CEO / Developer, BERT Business & Family Emergency Recovery Training

“Our decision was based on their extensive experience. We have received excellent customer service accompanied by speedy response to any issue or questions that might arise. 5 stars!!!”

Mike S., Dirt Busters, Inc.

“If you are looking for a team who watches out for your bottom line, then I highly recommend connecting with the staff at Agapay. Not only will your business save money on a monthly basis, but you will also be giving back to your community by working with Dan Han and Agapay. ”

Tim Christensen, Sr. Loan Officer, PERL Mortgage

“We are a new business and was referred by a friend. We have been completely satisfied with their services. As a new business owner, I have had several questions about how the process works and they have been able to answer all my questions and help support me and my business in becoming successful.”

TERESA K. The Boogie

“I’ve been contacted by numerous other merchant service providers to do a cost comparison, they all say the same thing, ‘You’re Good.’”

BORIS J. The Puppy Store

“They respond to my questions right away and resolve the issues. I can trust them 100%’


“We changed our services to Agapay because they offered cheaper rates compare to the previous provider we were using. Also, the customer service was top notch. When we did have an issue, Agapay took care of it within minutes.”


“Very knowledgeable, swift, and courteous”


“Amazing service, free equipment, the process runs smoothly. In one powerful word, ‘Fantastic!”

SAM H Demand Hot Water Pumps

Making an Impact in the Community

At Agapay, with every transaction, we give back to our community. It is our mission to create an impact and uplift the lives of those in need and link you to various charities that are committed to noble causes in our community. Helping out charities and nonprofit organizations is our commitment, involvement, and mission.


Sign up with Agapay

 It’s easy and getting approved is simple. We are here to guide you every step of the way.


Choose a Charity

You may either support a charity from our recommended list or of your choice.


Agapay Gives

At no additional cost to you, Agapay donates 5% of our gross profit on each transaction processed through your account to the charity of your choice.


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