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Daniel Han


is an avid believer that businesses should give back to the community. Along with his involvement in community organizations, working with various task forces and chambers of commerce, Dan is also heavily involved in community and cultural outreach with several non-profit organizations in and around Orange County.

Dan has worked in the payment processing industry for more than 10 years. In the early stages of his career, he learned of the tips and tricks used to confuse merchants into paying more. He felt that this was unethical and wanted to do something different. Starting in 2012, Dan worked to build a portfolio based on doing what’s right for his customer. With honest cost disclosure and taking an educational approach he has built a reputation of trust and credibility among his clients.

Dan’s previous experience with sales and startups and his passion for giving have culminated into the formation of Agapay, a unique idea in an old industry.


Transactions that Give

Agapay was founded on the idea that payment processing should be ethical and give back to the community. In pricing, structure and service, we will always do our best to give the most value and maximize service.  Agapay works by taking a portion of the profits from the payment processing and donating it to various charities, either selected by the merchant or Agapay.

Mission statement

To spread the culture of giving back to the community by connecting businesses with nonprofit organizations that support those who require the 4 Immediate Human Needs.
Immediate Human Needs:
– Food & Water
– Shelter & Clothes
– Health Care
– Education

Value statement

  • Teamwork – We work as a team to ensure success of the whole group
  • Respect – We show respect & consideration for one another in our office and to those we serve
  • Integrity – We are honest and take responsibility in every dealing within the office and to those we serve
  • Courage – We are bold in everything we do and challenge ourselves to go down new roads
  • Excel – We are the driving force behind improvement continuously looking for ways to exceed expectations


Project Hope Alliance
Santa Ana Public Schools Foundation
Olive Crest
Susan G. Komen
A Wish for Animals
Orange County Rescue Mission
OC Food Bank
Marys Kitchen
Working Wardrobes
CHOC Children's
Free Will Chair
Extreme Rescues

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