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Published: February 27, 2019

Remove the Stress from Chip Cards

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Chip cards seem to be a common point of frustration for businesses and cardholders. From the longer transaction time which lead to staring awkwardly at the customer, to the frustration of pulling the card out too soon, it's no wonder that people aren't taking too kindly to it. In the video below that was posted on YouTube by Above Average they take a comedic approach to venting these frustrations that we all can relate to. If you read below the video, we'll talk about some of the ways as a business that you can help to reduce frustration.

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Here are a few simple tips to make chip transaction easier:

  1. Use an internet connection
    Chip transactions are encrypted at every point, meaning that the processing time is longer, and more data is being transmitted. To speed things up, connect your terminals via internet which is much faster than dial up or transactions over a phone line.
  2. Let customers know to keep their card in the reader
    One of the biggest frustrations is when the card is pulled out too soon as it will void the sale and you will have to start over. In the event of a Pin Debit transaction, if the card is pulled after the pin is entered, but before the approval is received, the cardholder may be charged twice. (If this happens to you, call your customer service rep for your merchant account to get it resolved)
  3. Educate whenever possible
    It may not always be possible to avoid every situation, but you can make it easier the next time around for your customer. The chip is a microprocessor (a small computer) that is powered by the credit card terminal. The encrypted authorization from the cardholder's bank has to be decrypted by the chip on the card for the terminal to understand the response. Thus, if the card is pulled out too soon, the process is interrupted and the transaction can't be completed. The terminal will let you know when it is finished and safe to remove the card.
  4. Use the right hardware and software
    There are terminals on the market that have EMV (chip card) capabilities, but may not be supported by your credit card processor. To avoid the hassle of upgrading your equipment just to not be able to accept chip cards, contact your merchant services company and ask which terminals are EMV ready and supported.

To see if your business qualifies for a free upgraded terminal contact us at [email protected] or call us at 800-644-3909 Option 1.

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