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Published: May 8, 2019

Three Benefits of adding a CSR to your Business – and how Agapay can help!

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Most businesses seek a consistent way to promote their brand through marketing techniques and execution. However, improving your company isn’t limited to increased sales, effective manpower and or sound financial investments. Running a business is not just about the money – reputation is actually just as important! Many new companies are finding it necessary to include the concept of corporate social responsibilities (CSR) that will motivate your stakeholders. Because, at the end of the day, your business will cease to run without your employees and consumers. Many studies have found that employees are increasingly concerned with their employer’s engagement in CSR programs and activities because it means career growth, the pride of place, and increased visibility. CSR is a very broad concept and programs can include charities, volunteer and outreach to impoverished areas, environmental drives, human rights statements, and so much more.

1. Reputation

Integrating CSR is essentially an open secret to building your corporate reputation. Positive perceptions by your stakeholders and giving back for the greater good of the community are two wonderful reasons to implement these programs. CSR programs build up the public image - regardless of how big or small your business is. Stated simply, CSR benefits your business’ public reputation. Implementing environmentally- friendly policies in the workplace or charitable works and donations to non-profit organizations are two of the most common forms CSR programs take. This effort reflects the purpose of the company, which in turn helps to earn consumer trust.

2. Higher Quality Staff

A company with a sound and robust CSR practice tends to also attract higher-caliber staff. Employees often appreciate the opportunity to have a work-life balance. Knowing there are activities that would help them in their professional career growth and knowledge while also addressing their societal concerns are viewed very favorably by many up and coming employees. Studies have also found that over 60% of employees are more productive when they engage with a company that has a vibrant and clear social responsibility program. They note this is mostly because this gives them a greater sense of purpose and fulfillment. This means a higher chance of retaining brilliant minds and reducing costs for rehires and retraining.

3. Customer Benefits

Strengthening ties with the clients is another benefit through a CSR program as well. A company who lends a hand to the community and impacts the lives of others attracts investors. Giving value to the customers and employees would mean more than just gaining a profit. Investors are willing to give their support when they see that the company is committed to reaching out to the local and global community. CSR should not just be merely on self-interest or focused on the dollar. Stakeholders should also feel that the company is genuine and sincere with their corporate responsibilities. Find something that actually means something to your community and commit to doing something about it!

Agapay would be glad to show you our CSR – we are not just a payment processing provider. We also aim to be a role model when it comes to the art of giving back and making sure that our employees, co-workers, clients, business partners all understand the importance of giving back to the community. It is literally our only mission!

Contact us today to work on something together!

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