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Published: November 6, 2019

Understanding Cashback and its Perks

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With the financial services market getting so thick and active, a lot of credit card companies and their partner retailers are scrambling to give out incentives to get more customers and retain their existing clientele. As shoppers, we have to pay more attention to these perks they are using so we can also enjoy them especially come shopping time.

One of these perks is the cashback, a great way shoppers can make money just by shopping. Usually, shoppers rarely get any incentive from making their usual purchases, but with cashbacks, a certain percentage of the amount spent on an item is paid back to the shopper.

Through this offering, credit card companies and retailers get to thank their shoppers for patronizing their products, with hopes that they come back for more.   

Normally, cashbacks are offered by credit card companies to customers as a welcome incentive for signing up with them. Over the years, cashbacks have become popular—so popular that a holiday is even launched by RetailMeNot to give shoppers 24-hour cashback deals.

What makes cashbacks good for everyone?  

  • For shoppers, this is a great reward to get especially when you make a lot of purchases. Credit card companies usually offer great cashback rates over the holidays, when shoppers spend more money on dining and purchasing gifts. Cashbacks are also more flexible than other rewards since the reclaimed amount can be spent on anything.
  • Businesses, on the other hand, find the cashback as an ideal way to entice more shoppers to their products without compromising their brand value. Most companies, especially high-end brands, needed to maintain certain standards to keep their brand image. The cashback allows companies to reward their customers without facing the risk of undervaluing their brand that other rewards, like discounts, may present. 

Maximizing the benefits with cash back credit cards

There are many ways that companies offer cashbacks, such as exclusive deals and offers on cashback sites. The most common one, and the most advantageous for shoppers, is through the use of cashback credit cards.

Cashback credit cards are unique in such a way that they offer a pretty straightforward, user-friendly earning program: you get cash back for every dollar spent. These are especially designed for shoppers who prefer cashbacks as an incentives over rewards points.

There are more benefits from getting cashback credit cards:

  • Since these cards are exclusively designed for shopping and spending, they may also offer additional benefits that can secure your purchases and further help you save more money. These benefits could in the form of lowest price offers, extended warranties, return guarantees and refunds, and other exclusive deals.
  • You can truly maximize their cashback rewards with cashback credit cards since most do not charge an annual fee and offer 0% APR on purchases for a limited time. This is a good perk to have when you make large purchases since you do not need to pay the interest.
  • Some companies also allow you to keep your credit card open fee-free, which will help lengthen your credit history and eventually strengthen your credit score.
  • Like any other cards, they also offer sign-up bonuses, especially if you meet their minimum spending requirement within a required spending period. These additional bonuses could give you $100 or more.

There are generally three kinds of cashback credit cards: the flat-rate, tiered, and bonus card. Each of them offer different rewards programs and their cashback percentages vary, with some offering flat rates on all purchases all year-round, while others offer higher rates on other purchase categories that they rotate each quarter.

Ultimately, all these cards will offer you the best value out of your spending, and choosing what’s right for you would depend on how frequently you make your purchases, what you usually spend your money on, and how much you actually spent on purchases.

If you want to know more about the benefits of cashbacks and what cards offer the best cashback rewards for you, an expert from Agapay can help. Contact us for more information here.

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