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The Dangers of Billback Pricing

Billback is a payment processing plan that allows your provider to offer you a flat rate like 1.79%. That means your monthly payment will include a transaction fee of 1.79% on every single transaction you made, regardless of the type of interchange category the transaction amount to.

How to Reduce Chargebacks for your High-Risk Business

Agapay and using our gateway decreases the chances of losing chargeback fights. Furthermore, we have partners that can assist you in your fight with consumers that are trying to take advantage of the system that is already in your favor. If you need help, we are here.

Want to setup chargeback protection or need help mitigating a dispute? Call us today!

5 Ways to Avoid Chargebacks

Fraud is costly at all levels of the payment cycle, and failure to prevent fraud can often have negative effects on the merchant. By being proactive, merchants can avoid many mistakes and pitfalls associated with credit card fraud.

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