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Everything You Need To Know About Federal Regulations And High-Risk Merchant Services For CBD Payment Processing

Cannabidiols (CBD) have become so popular in the world of health and wellness. Since its introduction to the market, many online businesses have joined the league of CBD vendors. In 2025, the venture is estimated to rake a whopping $16 billion. It’s a fruitful business, and it’s no surprise that everyone is pitching in.  Establishing […]

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The Costs and Risks of PCI Non-Compliance

Data security is serious business, and failing to keep your customers’ data secure is not only bad policy, but can be very expensive in the event of a data breach. Many of you may have heard of the various standards for data protection, for example, for health records we have HIPAA, for online personal data […]

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7 Ways An ‘Ill-Equipped’ Payment Processor Can Kill Your Business

Merchants should think of their business enterprise as a well-oiled machine: for it to run effectively and efficiently, all the best pieces must fall into place. We mentioned in one of our previous blogs that one of the most important pieces of the business puzzle are payment processors. As what the name pertains to, payment […]

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All You Need to Know About PCI Compliance

PCI-compliance is a vital step towards your business success, and that is why you should complete the SAQs and AOCs before the year ends. You do not only hold proof that you are PCI-compliant but you also avoid paying non-compliance fees from merchant account providers by being non-compliant. You can be charged up to $40 per month if you are non-compliant.

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Top 7 Things to Look for in Choosing a Payment Processor

Any business owner or merchant would always look at their return on investment or ROI as their main measure of success, and one of the fool-proof ways to secure their ROIs is to make sure that money keeps pouring into the business from all directions.   This is exactly the reason payment processors are very […]

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Agapay was founded on the idea that payment processing should be ethical and give back to the community. In pricing, structure and service, we will always do our best to give the most value and maximize service.
Agapay is a Registered Partner/ISO of Elavon, Inc. Georgia [a wholly owned subsidiary of U.S. Bancorp, Minneapolis, MN]
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